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    Chamoli is a beautiful district in the Uttarakhand state of India. Gopeshwar is the headquarter of Chamoli Garhwal. It is situated at an altitude of 3000 ft - 12,000 ft above sea level.

    Chamoli is the most beautiful garhwal district as it has exceptional natural beautiful surroundings , major pilgrims centres and is surrounded by majestic snow covered peaks.

    Chamoli Garhwal Picture


      *Chamoli Picture by Vipin Negi

    Chamoli Garhwal Tourism

    Chamoli Garhwal is a nature's paradise and it attracts tourist from all over the world. It is surrounded with high snow covered peaks, beautiful valleys and scenic surroundings.

    It offers the tourist everything right from scenic surroundings, peaceful environment and adventure sports. Chamoli is known as the Abode of Gods.

    Chamoli Garhwal Excursions

    Badrinath is one of the most important pilgrim centre of the char dham yatra with around 6 lakhs pilgrims visiting Badrinath evey year. Badrinath is situated near the Alaknanda river in the Gadhwal Himalayas at an elevation of 3133 metres above sea-level. Badrinath Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu

    Hemkund Sahib or the Snow Lake is situated 4329 mt above sea level. It is a memorial to Guru Gobind Singh and an important Sikh Yatra center and is visited by a large number of Sikhs and Hindues from all over the world.

    Joshimath is the hindi name from sanskrit 'Jyotirmath' meaning home of Lord Shiva's eyes. It is believed that Joshimath is Lord Vishu's ( Badrinath ) resting place for the winters.

    What more to do in Chamoli?

    Auli is a famous skiing destination in India. With their wide open spaces above the snowline, Auli offer yet many exciting possibilities such as - skitouring amongst the glaciers. It is also known as the Switzerland of India.

    Valley of Flowers National Park an Indian national park in Chamoli is famous for its meadows of alpine flowers and natural beauty. This valley of flowers spread over an area of 87.5 kmē is situated a height of 11,000 feet to 14,000 feet in the Western Himalayas. Trekking here is one of the best adventure activity that can be taken when visiting Chamoli.

    Panch Prayag The Panch Prayags are of utmost religious importance for the hindus. They are the confluence of the holy rivers Dhauli Ganga, Mandakani, Bhagirathi, Pindari with river Alaknanda. Out of the 5 of the Panch Prayas 3 of them are found here in Chamoli Garhwal. They are the Vishnu Prayag, Nanda Prayag and the Karna Prayag.

    Chamoli Garhwal Travel Information

    Chamoli Uttarakhand is a part of Garhwal tourism , and the local languages spoken are Gadhwali and Hindi.

    The best time to visit Chamoli Garhwal would be from March - June and Sept - October. Cotton and light woolens in summer and heavy woolens winter are advisable. The summer season extends from April to June. The winter season is from October to Febraury.

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