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    Char Dham Yatra Tips

    The Char dham Yatra is a holy journey and it is believed that it relieves one from cycle of birth and death, wash away their sins and attain Nirvana.

    The spiritual journey has to be undertaken along under hilly conditions under unpredictable climates.

    Pilgrim and Yatris undertaking this journey should take some precautions during the yatra.

    Char Dham Yatra Tips and Faq

    Carry heavy woolens such sweaters,woolen caps and any other cold fighting apparels.

    Wind sheeters, raincoats, sleeping bags, blankets, water proof shoes with sufficient grips.

    Torch and other emergency lights with enough batteries.

    Walking sticks.

    Carry a small medicine box with emergency medicines.

    Carry vitamins.

    Please carry nausea medicines as lot of travelling has to be done in high altitudes conditions.

    Ladies are advised to wear Salwar Kamiz or pants. Please avoid loose clothings such as sarees.

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