Haridwar to Gangotri

Haridwar to Gangotri via Rishikesh - Tehri - Uttarkashi - Bhaironghatti - Gangotri is around 270 kms and the total travelling time takes about 5 to 6hrs approx.

Car/Jeep -- Hire a private taxi from Haridwar Station. You can also get it arranged by your hotel. Expect Charges anywhere between ( 4000 - 6000 ) rupees depending upon the type of cab. Share a cab option is also available from here.

Train -- No Trains are available.

Bus -- Travelling by bus from Haridwar to Gangotri is certainly the best bet . The buses travel is an economical and comfortable journey. The buses can be found at the bus station which is opposite to the Haridwar railway station . They run frequently (at least every half hour) and charge anything between (250 - 350 rupees).

The TGMO ( Tehri Gadhwal Motor Organisation ) buses are only allowed to ply on the yatra routes during the Yatra season.

Gangotri distance from other Char Dham Yatra Locations

    248 kmFrom Rishikesh 243 kmFrom Badrinath 343 kmFrom Kedarnath 228 kmFrom Yamunotri


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