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    Ranikhet is a beautiful hill station town in Almora district in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. Ranikhet is also known as the Queen's fields and has lush green forests , majestic mountains and beautiful exotic surrounding making it undoubtedly a nature's paradise.

    Places to visit in Ranikhet

    Army Museum This museum is maintained by the Kumaon and the Naga Regiment of the Indian Army, The Museum has a wide collection of captured weapons , enemy flags also the LTTE boat captured during Operation Pawan. The First and the Second Param Vir Chakra belong to the Kumaon Regiment. You also get to see the medals and uniform of the brave soldiers of the Kumaon and the Naga Regiment of the Indian Army. This museum in Ranikhet is flocked with tourist all year round.

    Jhula Devi Temple ( 7 kms ) near Chaubatia. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga Nearby is the Rama Mandir, dedicated to lord Rama. Rama Mandir has a monastery where students are taught ancient vedas along with vedic and modern mathematics.

    Chaubatia Gardens ( 10 km ) from the town is the Chaubatia gardens, this beautiful place is famous for its apricots, peaches, chestnuts, almonds plantation and apple orchards. This place also offers a superb views of snowcapped himalayas. It is also known as Orchard Country. It also offers a mesmorising view of the Himalayas.

    Bhaludham ( 3 km ) from Chaubatia Gardens is an artificial lake and a very fine picnic spot for the tourists.

    Binsar Mahadev ( 19 kms ) from Ranikhet on the way to Ramnagar is the Binsar Mahadev Temple. The Shiva temple is surrounded by thick dense Pine and Deodar Forests.

    Tarikhet ( 8 km ) from the town is well known for the Gandhi Kuti. It also has the the temple of Golu Devta or the God of Justice. Tarikhet also offers a beautiful view of the nearby surroundings.

    Upat & Kalika ( 9 km ) the Almora Road is famous for its 9 hole Golf Course. There is also a temple dedicted to Goddess Kali.

    Majkhali ( 13 km ) from Ranikhet is a beautiful hill station and offers a fantastic view of the Himalayan Mountains.

    Chaukhutia ( 54 km ) on the Badrinath road is a beautiful hiil station rich in natural beauty

    Manila ( 87 km ) from Ranikhet is well known for the temple of goddess Manila Devi. Manilla is a beautiful hlll station surrounded by snow covered peaks and lush green forests.

    Ranikhet Tourism Information

    Ranikhet in Uttarakhand is a part of Kumaon tourism, and the local languages spoken are Kumaoni, Gadhwali and Hindi. The best time to visit Ranikhet would be from October - May.

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