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    Uttarakhand Weather

    Uttarakhand Weather Monthwise

    Uttarakhand is generally sub tropical climate , The summer temperature in Uttarakhand can reach upto 40C whereas in winter Uttarakhand temperatures are usually between 0 and 30C. During the monsoon season, there is often medium to heavy rainfall.

    The best time to visit Uttarakhand is between March - June and Sept - Oct. The table below shows monthwise weather in Uttarakhand

    • January28C(max) 0C(min) Winter - Cold
    • February 32C(max) 2C(min) Winter - Pleasant - Best Season
    • March 36C(max) 10C(min) Pleasant - Best Season
    • April 41C(max) 20C(min) Summer - Hot
    • May 42C(max) 24C(min) Summer - Hot
    • June 43C(max) 25C(min) Summer - Hot
    • July 38C(max) 22C(min) Rainy - Hot
    • August 38C(max) 20C(min) Rainy - Hot
    • September 37C(max) 24C(min) Rainy - Pleasant
    • October 32C(max) 18C(min) Winter - Pleasant - Best Season
    • November 30C(max) 15C(min) Winter - Pleasant - Best Season
    • December 26C(max) 10C(min) Winter - Cold