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Roorkee is small and beautiful city in the Haridwar District of Uttarakhand India. The city lies on the banks of the Ganga canal between the Ganga and the Yamuna rivers.

Roorkee has emerged as one of the most important industrial city in Uttarakhand. Many large and small scale industries have been developed in the city.

It is home to many industries, corporate houses and service industries

It has also emerged as one of the leading educational hubs in Uttarakhand with IIT Roorkee located in the city. Roorkee is also home to several government research institutes such as Central Building Research Institute, Irrigation Research Institute, Institution of Engineers Regional Centre, Irrigation Design Organization and National Institute of Hydrology.

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    Geography, Culture and People

    Roorkee lies at an elevation of around 270 metres above sea level. Roorkee is surrounded by Shivalik Mountain ranges.

    The population of Roorkee district according to the 2011 census population of Roorkee in 2011 is 118,200 of which male 63,434 and female are 54,766 respectively.

    Hindus form the majority of people in Roorkee and Hindi and Urdu and the major languages spoken by the people. Other languages spoken in the region are Punjabi and English. People of all religion live together in peace and close harmony with each other. Almost all festivals are celebrated here in Roorkee with great pomp and reverence by people of all faith and religion.

    Roorkee is around 170 km from Delhi and 75 kms from Dehradun, 30kms from Haridwar and around 45kms from Rishikesh. Nearest airport is the Jolly Grant Airport Dehradun.

    Roorkee Tourism

    Roorkee once an oldest city of Uttarakhand, is now one of the fourth biggest city of Uttarakhand and also one of the most prosperous and upcoming cities of the state.

    Roorkee has share of history in the independence of India and is also one of the most strategic area in term of defence of the country. It also has an army cantonment area and training centre.

    Roorkee being an important commercial and educational hub is visited by lots of students, business persons from all over India throughout the year. It has all the modern facilities and infrastructure as required and best suited for all kind of travellers.

    Roorkee has a favourable climate throughout the year and can be visited any time of the year. The winter season are more favourable for travel.

    Places to visit in Roorkee

    Roorkee War Memorial

    Roorkee Cantonment - War Memorial

    The War Memorial built in the year 1927 is a replica of the Mahmood tower in Gazni ( Afghanistan ). During this war the British soldiers stormed the fort of Gazni with the help of the Bengal and Bombay Sappers Subedar Devi Singh and his men. Subedar Devi Singh of Bangal Sappers and 12 other were awarded IOM Class III in 1839 for their bravery. The Bengal Sappers incorporated the Tower of Ghazni in their War Memorial and a bust of Subedar Devi Singh.

    Roorkee Group Museum and Archives

    Roorkee Group Museum and Archives

    The Roorkee Group Museum and Archives is around 2kms in the city is an army museum, dedicated to the Bengal Engineer Group. It has a large number of historical books, documents, paintings, photographs and pamphlets related to war undertaken by them in Gazni, China, Afghanistan, Burma, Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan and Sind and other parts of the world. The museum also has medals,tools and weapons of the Bengal Engineer Group used during wars. Jai Hind. Recommended.

    Geology And Geophysics Museum

    The Geology and Geophysics Museum is is located within the city of Roorkee and is a great study centre. It has a has a good collection of geological charts and models. The museum displays fossilised boned of elephants and the fossil tree, specimens of rocks and minerals brought here from Shivalik mountains which are around 30kms from Roorkee.

    Piran Kaliyar Sharif

    Piran Kaliyar Sharif

    The Piran Kaliyar Sharif is around 8km from Roorkee is a dargah of the great Sufi saint Hazrat Aladdin Ali Ahmed - Sabir. The place is also known 'Sabir paak'. People from all faith and religion come to visit the Mazaar. This sacred shrine is an excellent example of the solidarity and unity of India.

    Solani Aqueduct

    Solani Aqueduct

    The Solani Aqueduct 4kms from Roorkee is an arch bridge and canal bridge that was completed in 1856 by Britishers. The Aqueduct is made on the Solani River. It was inspired from Alcantara Aqueduct in Portugal and is one of the most remarkable brick masonry structure. The Aqueduct has the capability of carrying flood flow of 80,000 cusecs of water.

    Survey Museum

    The Survey Museum is dedicated to the world of GIS, Mapping and Surveying. This small museum displays different types of equipments, documents on surveying techniques used in the past. The oldest surveying equipment in the museum is that of 1890 AD. The Survey Museum also holds lectures and discussions occasionally on new and advanced methods in Mapping and Surveying. Storehouse of knowledge.

    Old British Cemetery Roorkee

    Old British Cemetery

    The Old Cemetery is located about 1.3km from the city is today a protected monument, by Archaeological Survey of India. This is a Gothic style cemetery in a total are of 7.623 Acre. The cemetery contains a number of graves including graves of General Sir Harold Williams in different designs and materials belonging to mid 19th century. A part of the cemetery is still use as graveyard by Christian community here.

    Crystal water park

    Crystal Water Park

    The Crystal water park is located around 12km form here is a big water park and can be enjoyed with your family and friends. It is build in an area of around 18 acres and has around 40 rides.


    Patanjali Yogpeeth

    Patanjali is a well known Yoga and Ayurvedic Ashram. Spread across 20acres of land it is one of the largest Yoga Institute in India. Patanjali Yogpeeth is located 12 kms far from Roorkee at towards Haridwar.

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    Important Facts of Roorkee in History

    Thomason College of Civil Engineering was established in the year 1845 was the first engineering school in Asia. Now known as Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. The colleague was built for the training of Civil Engineers at Roorkee, and initially public buildings used for building the Upper Ganges Canal were used as study centres.

    The Ganga Canal Plan was devised in order to solve the irrigation problems of farmers of Roorkee, British engineers devised a plan to construct a canal on the Ganga. For this purpose, a large quantity of clay was required which was available in Piran Kaliyar area, 10 km away from Roorkee. The necessity to bring clay compelled the engineers to think of the possibility of running a train between the two points.

    The engine of the train was brought from England in 1851. The engine named Mary Lind was first attached with 2 bogies and a carrying capacity to load 180 to 200 tonnes of soil. The train used to cover a distance of two and a half miles in 38 minutes between Roorkee and Piran Kaliyar with a speed of four miles per hour. It was also India's first rail locomotive ran by the British.

    India's first aqueduct ( bridges and canals built for irrigation purpose ) a part of the Ganga canal project was constructed over the Solani river. It was the first irrigation work in North India, started by the British.

    Food and Shopping

    Roorkee has a some good Indian restaurants that can be found in Roorkee main markets such as Civil Line, Main Bazaar, Tyagi Market etc. The restaurants there serve local Punjabi and Chinese foods.

    Some of the restaurants here also serve delicious Chaat and Tikki and Rotti Rolls.

    For the shopping needs try the Civil Line Market you would get everything here such as electronic goods, jewellery, garments, handicrafts as per your needs and in better rates as compared to your city.

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