Uttarakhand Roadways

Uttarakhand Roadways

Uttarakhand Transport Roadways Corporation provides bus service to various town, tourist places and cities in and around Uttarakhand. Tourism being an integral part of the state there are around lakhs of tourist visiting the state during the peak months of the year. Uttarakhand Transport Corporation provide an economical mode of transportation to the visiting tourists and also caters to the requirement of the people of Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand Transport Corporation or UTC has a fleet of around 1143 buses. The buses travel around 3.50 lakhs kilometres per day providing an efficient and affordable mode of transportation.

Uttarakhand Roadways Corporation operates ordinary bus services, deluxe, semi deluxe and volvo mode of service to the travellers. Bus services are available from mostly all major towns and villages in Uttarakhand and are well interconnected to each other.

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    Uttarakhand Roadways Bus TimeTable

    Online booking and advance facilities are available for the passengers at major towns like Dehradun, Uttarkashi, Udhamsingh Nagar, Almora, Bageshwar, Mussoorie, Rishikesh and Nainital who can plan their travel trip in advance.

    Uttarakhand Roadways Bus Service TimeTable

    AlmoraDehradun to Almora19.156.00
    RanikhetDehradun to Haldwani - Ranikhet20.306.00
    BhowaliDehradun to Bhowali17.155.45
    BhowaliDehradun to Nainital - Bhowali5.1517.00
    KashipurDehradun to Ramnagar11.4512.15
    HaldwaniDehradun to Haldwani19.456.30
    KathgodhamDehradun to Nainital ( AC )7.1520.00
    KathgodhamDehradun to Nainital ( DLX - Hitech )05.4519.15
    KathgodhamDehradun to Kathgodham 16.0018.30
    PithoragarhDehradun to Kathgodham - Jhulaghat ( Semi Dlx )5.0016.30
    LohaghatDehradun to Pithoragarh ( Semi Dlx ) 5.3017.00
    TanakpurDehradun to Tanakpur ( Semi Dlx ) 21.305.00
    HillDehradun to Bageshwar19.155.30
    HillDehradun to Joshimath17.156.00
    HillDehradun to Uttarkashi21.006.00
    HillDehradun to Mussoorie10.15 - 6.00 14.15 - 14.30
    HillDehradun to Mussoorie - New Tehri 17.155.30
    HillDehradun to Lansdowne 18.007.00
    HillDehradun to Pauri19.457.30
    HillDehradun to Ukhimath 15.307.00
    HillDehradun to Dhamakot 14.307.00
    ISBTDehradun to Delhi ( AC )21.157.00
    ISBTDehradun to Delhi ( AC )23.158.00
    ISBTDehradun to Delhi ( AC - Volvo )12.009.00
    ISBTDehradun to Delhi ( AC )01.1510.00
    ISBTDehradun to Delhi ( AC )02.4511.00
    ISBTDehradun to Delhi ( AC )04.4512.00
    ISBTDehradun to Delhi - Jaipur ( AC )05.1516.00
    ISBTDehradun to Delhi ( AC )13.1522.30
    ISBTDehradun to Delhi ( AC )15.1522.30
    ISBTDehradun to Delhi ( AC )15.1522.30
    ISBTDehradun to Delhi ( AC )16.1522.30
    ISBTDehradun to Delhi ( Dlx - Hitech )19.455.30
    ISBTDehradun to Delhi ( Dlx - Hitech )20.456.30
    ISBTDehradun to Delhi ( Dlx - Hitech )21.457.30
    ISBTDehradun to Delhi ( Dlx - Hitech )22.458.30
    ISBTDehradun to Delhi ( Dlx - Hitech )23.459.30
    ISBTDehradun to Delhi - Raipur ( Dlx - Hitech ) 06.1510.30
    ISBTDehradun to Delhi - Rajpur ( Dlx - Hitech )06.1512.30
    ISBTDehradun to Delhi - Digling( Dlx - Hitech )06.1513.30
    ISBTDehradun to Delhi ( Dlx - Hitech )17.4522.30
    ISBTDehradun to Dharamshala07.0017.00
    ISBTDehradun to Nainital ( Dlx - Hitech )07.0021.00
    VILLAGEDehradun to Delhi - Gurgoan24.009.30
    VILLAGEDehradun to Delhi - Ponta09.3012.00
    VILLAGEDehradun to Delhi - Kalsi08.3012.30
    VILLAGEDehradun to Ponta - Delhi13.1516.30
    VILLAGEDehradun to Delhi21.3022.00
    VILLAGEDehradun to Delhi21.0021.30
    VILLAGEDehradun to Faridabad16.4520.30
    VILLAGEDehradun to Kedarpuram - Delhi15.1522.30
    VILLAGEDehradun to Agra17.0010.30
    VILLAGEDehradun to Haldwani04.0009.30
    VILLAGEDehradun to Haldwani16.3021.00
    VILLAGEDehradun to Kotdwar17.007.30
    VILLAGEDehradun to Kanpur06.0012.00
    VILLAGEDehradun to Lucknow07.0013.30
    VILLAGEDehradun to Haridwar10.1510.30
    VILLAGEDehradun to Saharanpur 10.00 - 10.3014.45 - 15.00
    VILLAGEDehradun to Saharanpur14.00 - 16.3009.00 - 09.45
    VILLAGEDehradun to Chandigarh - Nahan15.00 - 17.0010.00 - 07.15
    VILLAGEDehradun to Amritsar16.0007.15
    VILLAGEDehradun to Ludhiana13.0011.00
    VILLAGEDehradun to Chandigarh - Nahan18.5508.00
    VILLAGEDehradun to Chandigarh - Nahan20.4509.30
    VILLAGEDehradun to Chandigarh - Nahan22.0010.30
    VILLAGEDehradun to Chandigarh - Nahan22.1511.30
    VILLAGEDehradun to Chandigarh - Saharanpur10.3512.30
    *Routes may not be updated or are subject to change without prior notice.

    Uttarakhand Transport Helpline

    Inter State Bus Terminal Dehradun 0135-2131309

    Dehradun Hill Service 8476005705

    More Information can be obtained from the official website of the Uttarakhand Government at Uttarakhand Transport Corporation

    The ordinary bus service by UTC is sometimes unclean and unkept. The UTC should look into these matters in order to improve the overall bus service in Uttarakhand

    City bus, Vikram or long rickshaw are available for inter city transportation. The service provide by them are excellent but the travelling conditions are horrific and one has to literally squeeze himself in the bus or rickshaw sometimes.

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    Bus Timetable from Rishikesh

    Depo RouteBus noDep
    RishikeshTehri BpuramUK15164.10
    *Routes may not be updated or are subject to change without prior notice.

    CharDham Yatra

    The transport required for Char Dham Yatra and all over Uttarakhand can be provided at reasonable cost.

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