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    The people living in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand India are offen referred as to as Kumaoni. The languages spoken by these people is also known as the kumaoni language.

    Kumaon consisting of 6 districts, namely Almora , Nainital , Udham Singh Nagar , Bageshwar , Pithoragarh and Champawat.

    Kumaoni Language

    The script used for Kumaoni is Devanagari. It is one of the 325 recognised languages of India. Due to large scale migration of the Kumaoni people to the cities the language is shrinking very rapidly.

    Kumaoni Culture

    The Kumaoni are very god fearing, fun loving, large hearted and religious people. There is a lot of influence of religion, dharma in every aspect of their lives.

    Men and women are both equally treated in the society. The kumaoni's still follow ancient customs and rituals and these aspects of their culture reflect in their society.

    Caste system is still widely practised in the Kumaoni culture. The Pandits ( Bamand ) belong to the upper caste, the rajput ( Bhit ) to the middle and the shudra ( dom ) to the lower class.

    Inter class and inter caste marriages are not well accepted in the society.

    Kumaoni people follow Hinduism and all the hindu festivals such as Makraini Sakraant, Basant Panchmi, Raksha Bandhan, Holi, Dussera, Diwali (Bagwali), Vijaydashmi are celebrated with great enthusiaism.

    Kumaon Tourism

    Kumaon is a nature's paradise and it attracts tourist from all over the world. It is surrounded with high snow covered peaks , beautiful valleys and scenic surroundings.

    It offers the tourist everything right from scenic surroundings, peaceful environment and adventure sports. It is also rightly known as the Abode of Gods.

    Kumaon Tourism Information

    PantNagar and Naini Saini are the nearest Airports while Kothdwar , Tanakpur , Rudrapur are the nearest railway station . Buses are also available from nearby cities to the place.

    Cotton in summer and heavy woolens in winter is advisable. The summer season extends from March to July. The winter season is from September to Febraury.